Bro Pranks Mom Into Thinking She Has To Buy Pokemon Go From A Store And The Cashier’s Reaction Is Pure Gold

48-year-old Sharon Wall is a “cool” mom in that she’s willing to try out all the fancy new games us youths are playing these days, so when she asked her 22-year-old son, Nathan, how to get a copy of Pokemon Go, he replied with the only logical answer:

Pranking his mom and embarrassing her in public.

Rather than telling her it’s a free app to download, Nathan decided to screw around with her a bit and say that you have to go to the store to buy it. Except…that wasn’t the only catch:

The following day, Nathan went with his mom to Tesco to find out if she’d walk up to the counter and tell the cashier that she wanted to be the very best. Unfortunately for her (but fortunately for him and us), she actually went through with it:

Nathan wasn’t able to hold his shit together, but in the end it all wound up being all good fun and games as he told LadBible, “The people in the shop realized what happened and found it hilarious, I wouldn’t say I got in trouble but I felt guilty for about 30 seconds. She took it in good spirits and is convinced she’s going to get me back.”

Looks like Sharon’s got a long way to go before becoming “the very best,” especially when it comes to pranks.

[H/T LadBible]