Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You Got Into A Text Argument With Yourself? This Bro Did


Now we’ve heard about people getting drunk and waking up in odd places, but this is a new one. Just how drunk do you have to be to actually get into a text argument with yourself and not realize it until the next day? Heroically drunk I would say.

Which leads us to the story of one Martin McNally, 29, from Dundee, Scotland.

After spending a night out playing bingo with his girlfriend Nicole Dunlop, 24 – who happens to be a real looker as you can see above – the couple returned home for some more libations.

It was at this point that Martin asked Nicole for the phone number of a friend he wanted to call. Mistakenly she gave Martin his own phone number and that’s when the fun began.

It’s at this point you would think that he would recognize his own number, but he didn’t because he’d drank like a champion on this night. The “argument” continued on for around five minutes before he finally gave up.

Said Martin about the whole strange event, “I was too drunk to realise it was my own number. When I saw the repeated messages I thought ‘what the hell have I done’. I showed it to Nicole and she was laughing at me. She is at uni studying business management so she clearly has the brain cells.”

“I thought it was really funny once I realised what I had done and just how long it went on for but at the time it was happening it wasn’t so funny, just really confusing and frustrating.”

“To have been texting and ringing myself repeatedly for more than five minutes and to have been getting frustrated without realising it was my own number is pretty crazy.”

At least he had a good sense of humor about it…

H/T LadBible, Mirror

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