Bro Takes A Girl From Twitter Out On A Date And She Ditches Him In The Middle Of It ‘Cause #ShallowAF

by 1 year ago


Brutal little saga here from the annals of online dating. It’s a classic love story gone wrong: Guy asks a girl out online. They meet up, girl says “wow I’m wasting my time, fuck this.” Except rather than being polite about the date, the girl ditches in the middle of it, leaving this poor dude to sit through the Star Wars movie by himself.

I’d feel bad for the guy, but IDK — Seems like a demanding, demeaning asshole. After his story went viral, he went full tough guy like a twatty box of tools on Twitter:


Pretty sure the girl dodged a bullet here. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Good thing she put a fresh set of batteries in the toolbag smoke detector.

[H/T: Spags]

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