Bro Texts Girl Begging Her To Take The Morning After Pill And Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime When She Replies

The morning after pill is a waste of money when you could’ve just had the foresight to wrap your dick in rubber instead, effectively saving you $60 and the mortifying experience of having to request Plan B over the counter. Unfortunately for our unnamed Bro, he either got swept up in the moment and forgot, or just didn’t care enough to whip out a condom the same time he whipped out his dick – either way, the poor guy found himself texting “Lucy” the next day, begging her to take the morning after pill since they hadn’t used a condom:

“Lucy, quit being such a pain in the ass and take the goddamn pill already, jeez” has probably gone through your head at least several times at this point – but that isn’t Lucy. Nope, the REAL Lucy gave our poor Bro a fake number and instead he wound up getting trolled:

Good luck from us too, dude – may every day be “Not a Father Day,” just how Barney Stinson intended.

[H/T Bristol Post]