Four Bros Have Figured Out The Most Ingenious Way To Possibly Get An Orgy Started Using Tinder

Getting a gangbang/orgy started isn’t easy. For one you need a gang, and if you’re like me and have zero friends then you’re shit out of luck and we haven’t even made it past first base (literally). For two, said gang needs to be willing to bang, otherwise you only have one half of a gangbang and writing in your diary that you had “a super sexy gang last night” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Luckily for you, these four Bros have come up with the most ingenious way to get a gangbang started using Tinder, and it only requires two things:

  1. You must be ridiculously good looking like the four Bros in this story
  2. There must be at least four of you paired up with a corresponding four ladies, because a gangbang with only six people seems arbitrarily wrong

So what exactly did these Bros do? Well they created a Tinder profile just like anyone else looking for casual, anonymous sex would do…

Oh wait, sorry – there’s a third rule I forgot about.

  1. You must be imaginative enough to take fun, attractive and obviously staged photos if you want to reel in quality Tinder matches

So anyway, like I was saying these four Bros created a Tinder profile, but instead of trying to come up with cheap one-liners that only work 10% of the time they decided to make a call for group dates:

Novel, right? This automatically solves the problem of “Aw shit there’s only two of us here, we need more people involved if this gang is going to bang!” by putting the responsibility of finding 3 additional people on the girl. Granted, nowhere does it say they’re looking for a gangbang, but come on – four single dudes on Tinder? Looking for another four single girls? For a group date? And they went through all this trouble to get their photos to seem “fun” and “quirky”?

Yeah right. Like any of them have celibacy in mind.

And if you still have any doubt in your mind that these guys aren’t aiming to throw wild orgies in their “inner west household,” I believe their last photo speaks for itself:

Definitely all about the gangbangs.

[Via Imgur]