Guy Sends Brutal Breakup Text To Girlfriend After She Catches Him Macking On Her Friend



Breakups suck, but you know what’s even worse? Knowing you got dumped just so your partner can go and hump someone else. It’s one thing to find out that the two of you are just incompatible, but it’s another thing entirely to basically be told “Eh, you’re alright but that other girl is hotter. KTHXBI.”

Unfortunately for Liam’s ex-girlfriend, this is exactly what happened – not only was Liam macking on his ex’s friend, Jess, but he broke up with her via text in what must be the most feeble way possible:



“CBA” = “can’t be arsed” in British slang.

Moving on!



“Nah not really sorry.” Dude come on, you could’ve at LEAST done this in person before she found out you were hitting on Jess. What kind of man are you?

But wait…



“Have you got Jess number?”



And THAT’S how you make a girl cry after breaking up with her: “Hey sorry I know I dumped you like 10 seconds ago buttttt can I get your hot friend’s number?” Might as well have signed her up for therapy right then and there, because it’s gonna be a long while before her self-esteem recovers from THAT move.

[H/T Mirror]