Three Schools Went On Lockdown Because Someone Thought Bubblewrap Popping Was Gunfire

It’s obvious that someone in this story has either never heard bubblewrap popping or never heard gunfire. I’ll guess both.

It was that “POP POP!” sound which was apparently mistaken for gunfire Monday at an Eastern University apartment building located on the property of Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pa.

Officials at the academy in suburban Philadelphia said in a statement that a student heard what she thought were shots fired and called 911.

The military academy as well as Eastern University and Cabrini University were locked down for a short time.

I know everyone is on edge but if this were actually gunfire I’m positive more than one person would have reported the shots.

Anyway, the officials at Eastern University said they were “thankful this event was not an actual gun related situation” and that “the student took the correct action in calling 911.”

Hopefully all the schools add a course on what gunfire actually sounds like or at least offer free hearing tests to all students.

[via NPR]

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