The Ultimate Bucket List: 100 Things Every Guy Should Do Before He Dies

bucket list


Creating a universal bucket list is a lot more difficult than it looks. You can’t just scrap together places, events, and people to visit, attend and meet — there’s more of a science to it, and that science involves action.

Meaning: what will you do when you get to place X or meet person Y? Why is attending one event, say the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, better than being at the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza? (Note: the grand prize for that is $150,000, not too shabby).

Here at BroBible we recognized that every bro is his own person, with his own set of idiosyncrasies, so of course this list doesn’t include everything you want to do in this lifetime. However, it is tailored to reach largest possible number of guys and hit at least four or five of their personal bucket items, while hopefully triggering a few new ideas.

Enough introductions though, let’s get to it because life’s too damn short. Here’s our bucket list for guys consisting of 100 things every bro should do before he dies:

1. Road trip across America

2. Shake Clint Eastwood’s hand

3. Kiss a girl from every continent in the world (Antarctica doesn’t count)

4. Drink a beer on all seven continents

5. Attend a Super Bowl that your favorite team is playing in (if your favorite team is the Cleveland Brows just settle for any Super Bowl)

6. Visit Normandy and stand on Utah Beach

7. Walk on a glacier (bonus point if you take a piss while doing so)

8. Join the Mile High Club

9. Trip on shrooms at Joshua Tree

10. Play a round of golf at Augusta National

11. Witness the ball drop in person in Times Square

12. Complete a marathon (or half marathon)

13. Smoke a joint with the Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges)

14. Hit a trifecta at the Kentucky Derby

15. Skip work for a day and go sky diving

16. Backpack through Europe without a guide

17. See a concert in Central Park

18. Ride a camel around the Great Pyramid of Giza

19. Hunt cougars and bring one home (in other words, bang a MILF)


iStockphoto / WilleeCole

20. Own a dog

21. Try surfing when you visit Hawaii

22. Act in a movie (most likely as a stand in or crowd member)

23. Brew your own beer

24. Meet the President of United States of America

25. Procreate (have kids) but not before the age of 25

26. Lose your voice attending a World Cup game that the United States is playing in

27. Touch the remains of the Berlin Wall

28. Shoot and kill an animal out in the wilderness (six bonus points if you can skin and cook it all in the same day)

29. Write a book/screenplay and have it get published

30. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef

31. Get Matt Stone and Trey Parker to laugh at one of your jokes

32. Build something and call it your own

33. Have sex with two chicks at the same time (the other three way is still an accomplishment to be proud of)

34. Enter an Iron Man triathlon

35. Go to the Final Four with a three buddies with each betting $1,000 on a different winner

36. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain

37. Swim in every ocean

38. Reach the top of Mount Rushmore

39. Resign from the job you hate and find a profession you like

40. See Game 7 of a World Series in person

41. Live in Las Vegas for a year after college (though hosting a bachelor party is probably a better alternative)

42. Climb a mountain

43. Strut around on a NFL field on game day

44. Be lucky enough to see the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) when visiting Iceland

45. Sign up for an eating contest and win

46. Pretend to be Maximus Decimus Meridius when visiting the Coliseum

47. Teach a class (preferably a college one)

48. Study abroad for a year

49. Receive road head from a girl you know won’t be your future wife

50. Step foot in all 50 states

51. Hang out and play music with Eddie Vedder

52. Bowl a perfect 300

53. Stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge (on foot)

54. Score an invitation to the premiere Martin Scorcese’s newest film

55. Discuss all of the wonders of the world while staring at Stonehenge

56. Swim next to an animal (dolphin, whale, etc.) in the ocean

57. Start your own business

58. Fornicate with a foreign chick

59. Host a live draft for your fantasy football league

60. Join an African Safari and see a lion in the wild

61. Ski or snowboard down Whistler

62. Photograph a model and/or pose in a photograph with a model

63. Make a wish standing next to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

64. Bike/run across America

65. Ask a political leader a question that leaves he or she looking baffled, stupid and inept

66. Walk the Great Wall of china

67. Have sex in a library (any public place will do)

68. Get to both the summer and winter Olympics

69. Fly a plane

70. Spend a month camping and living off the land

71. Scream out over the Grand Canyon

72. Fight someone that says something inappropriate to a girl at a bar

73. Give a speech that is met with a standing ovation

74. Capture the sun rising over Machu Picchu (more bonus points if you can sell that photo and make some money)

75. Tour the battlefields of America (Lexington/Concord, Saratoga, Trenton, Yorktown, Fort Sumter, Manassas (Bull Run), Antietam, Gettysburg, etc.)

76. Tour the Jameson distillery in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day

77. Tailgate wildly before an SEC football game (any big conference game will do)

78. Challenge a German to a drinking contest while attending Oktober fest

79. Sail from one country to another

80. Become one with nature and check off America’s most scenic treasures (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood Forrest, Niagara Falls, etc.)

81. Have an anonymous sexual encounter (no names/numbers/STDs exchanged; hookers do not count)

82. Knock down a game winning shot in a pickup basketball game

83. Whitewater raft on the Colorado River

84. Party like there’s no tomorrow in Amsterdam

85. Wake up somewhere your not supposed to be during Mardi Gras

86. Explore a volcano and collect some igneous rock (basically dried up magma)

87. Buy a house with a pool (buying anything else is small potatoes)

88. Fulfill the stereotype of being an obnoxious, American tourist when visiting France

89. Ride in a submarine

90. Have sex on the beach

91. Participate in a protest and show freedom of speech is not dead

Extreme close-up mid section of a newlywed cutting wedding cake

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92. Crash a wedding (life-time achievement award if you do it with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn)

93. Head north and go ice fishing

94. Teach your son how to throw a ball

95. Master the Australian outback by going on a walkabout

96. Travel down the Nile River on a boat

97. Sneak onto the set of your favorite TV show

98. Sit front and center at a ping pong show in Thailand

99. Present, or be presented with, an award of some kind (if the pool in the backyard doesn’t say you
made it, this will)

100. Live up to the man you aspire to be and retire happy, with plenty of money in the bank, at the age of 65

Bonus ones that didn’t make the cut:

  • Catch a pass from your favorite quarterback
  • Step inside the ring and box a round or two
  • Island hop the entire Caribbean and/or the Pacific Ocean
  • Crowd surf at a concert
  • Gamble with one of your idols in Vegas
  • Lift over 250 pounds off your chest
  • Change the world with something you say or do
  • Rip a bong with Seth Rogen and James Franco
  • March in the Memorial/Thanksgiving day parade
  • Play a game of pickup basketball with Denzel Washington
  • Explore the Florida Everglades
  • Lap dance from a stripper who’s younger than you
  • Ride a tandem bike with a beautiful girl
  • Attend mass in the Vatican City
  • Get married to the love of your life
  • Receive a blow job in a movie theater
  • Light a fire, cook something on it
  • Launch your own website