Buffalo Escapes Death By Lions In Most Ingenious Way Ever

When you’re fighting for your life, you’ll do anything you need to do to survive. The same goes for feisty buffalos who don’t want to be the dinner for some ravenous lions.

This motherfucker right here is like the MacGyver of buffalos. He gets ambushed by two lions at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. He tries his darnedest to fight off the lions, but the one predator has a Kung Fu grip on his ass.

He eventually wards off one of the two lions, but still the aggressive lion goes ass-to-mouth harder than any dedicated porn star.

The buffalo has one more trick up his hoof, he drags the lion to the caravan of safari vehicles nearby. Using his horns he rams one of the jeep’s wheels. The tire pops loudly and is followed by hissing noise. The lion lets go and scampers away in fear. Bye son.

Did the lion think that the buffalo let loose a stinky gasser right in his face? Or maybe *clears throat* the lion just got tired. Just got TIRED.

The people on the safari calmly get out of the trucks and begin to change the tire. Fuck that noise. I won’t even change my tire on a quiet road in the safest suburb, let alone some safari with very hungry and very angry lions in the immediate vicinity. I’m calling AAA or singing, “Like a good neighbor State Farm is there.”