Girl Overcomes Bullying To Transform Herself Into Beauty Queen And Bodybuilding Champion In JUST 5 Months

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“At secondary school I was seen as ugly by other kids and it made me not believe in myself,” Victoria Thornewell recounts the days when she was bullied by classmates. The 21-year-old is far from ugly these days, and through hard work has transformed herself from beauty queen to body builder in just five months.

“People don’t understand what those kinds of words can do to someone,” Victoria says. The harsh words robbed the young girl of her confidence and she stopped believing in herself.

However, things soon changed and Victoria became a beauty queen. She won Miss Leicester 2014 and her confidence was back and better than ever. She even got several modeling contracts. “Now I take it with a pinch of salt.”

“When I won Miss Leicester 2014 I got lots of support from people who’d kept quiet when I was being mocked at school but thought, ‘Where were you when people were calling me ugly?'”

victoria thornewell

She then used those cruel remarks to fuel her quest to become a bodybuilding champion. After watching a bodybuilding show, she devoted herself to fitness. “I saw the bodybuilders on stage and knew that’s where I wanted to be next.” She dedicated herself to a strict diet and a grueling gym plan where she lifts weights for 45 minutes, five times a week as well as 40 minutes of cardio every other day. She soon became a bodybuilding champion. Another incredible transformation.

The hard work is definitely paying off.

“It’s hard work and mentally challenging, it did become an addiction,” Victoria explains.

Who’s laughing now?


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