Burger King Got Into A Twitter Beef With Wendy’s And One Of Them Got Turned Into A Burger Bitch

Mark January 20th, 2016 on you calendars Bros, because it’s a day that’ll go down in history. Why? Because it’s the day Wendy’s and Burger King got into a Twitter fight that lasted exactly three tweets but made over 20,000 people on Twitter be like:

‘Twas a normal day on the Internet: the sun was shining (metaphorically), the grass was green (metaphorically) and the webpages were loading (not metaphorically). Wendy’s, realizing that today was just as good a day as any to plug their own shit on Twitter, sent out the following message:

Not one to be outdone, Burger King took it upon themselves to also plug their own shit on Twitter and remind everyone that they technically have a cheaper food deal then Wendy’s: 5 for $5 as opposed to 4 for $4:

How plugging cheap food on either side is supposed to make me want to eat it is lost on me. “Hey look at THIS cheap mystery meat, come eat this!” “No, THIS one is cheaper and just as questionably prepared, eat it eat it!” The day I’m squabbling between spending $4 at Wendy’s or $4 at Burger King is the day I need to call it quits and move back into my parents’ basement, because I am clearly not faring so well on my own.

The real burn comes from Wendy’s in a response to user @bguerns13’s tweet, who asked “what are you firing back”:

Burger King still hasn’t responded, but I think the winner here is clear – and now you’re just like one of the 20,000+ Twitter people who be like:

[H/T MTV News]

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