Heroic Bro Takes Burger King’s Have It Your Way Ethos To The Extreme, Orders Whopper With 718 Pickles

If your fast food burger chain is going to pride itself on doing whatever your customers want, you are going to unfortunately need to indulge the occasional dick. Like this dude in Japan, who went into a Burger King and asked for pretty much every pickle they had.

That’s 718 pickles to be precise. Which is a lot. Here is his pickle squad, working their way through all the pickles.

That seems like bullshit. If you are going to obnoxiously troll like this, at least have the decency to eat the entire thing your goddamn self.

Here’s the translation of the stunt from a Japanese website, because they are just so damn funny to me.

Childhood, entered in hamburger pickles would be many people were poor. Acidity is strong pickles’s name supporting role to raise money the taste of the burger, but may be the same as for a little fast food to children and coffee. So, in other words pickles he adult taste.

Watakushi, PK Sang Joong also there is a time pickles was not good, like have Dah pickles is now! Refreshing and pickles if permanently’ll be eaten! … Heck I want to eat! “In So thoroughly enjoy how the pickles result of a thought-out”, I decided to carry the foot to the Burger King.

· 10,000 yen topping as much as possible

I think many people know, a major hamburger chain store “Burger King” in can be a variety of customization. Once ” cheese 1000 topping ” and ” bacon 1000 topping was to introduce a”, to 1000 sheets Admit is too much, the price put in its own way more than anything.

He did indeed once get 1,000 slices of cheese on a Whopper, which you can see here.

Dick. The pickle burger cost $89.

[Via The Daily Dot]