Burglar Caught On Video Trying On Women’s Panties Is Your New Nightmare

Protip: If you are a burglar and you break into someone’s home and want to try on some women’s panties, first make sure that there isn’t a camera rolling somewhere in the room.

The homeowner, Steve Fremond, said that he was out with his girlfriend one night when he came home and found a ladder propped up under his window. So he checked his camera feed and discovered that a burglar had been desecrating his girl’s unmentionables.

“It would’ve been difficult for me to prove it if I didn’t catch it on camera,” said Fremond. “My initial reaction to seeing it was mostly disbelief but once it sank in I was a little scared. My girlfriend was very scared though. “If you look towards the end of the video you could see him take the picture of her off of the table.”

As if a guy doesn’t have a hard enough time getting chicks to spend the night. Tough break, bro.

H/T Death and Taxes