Coolest Dude Ever Fired For Being the First to Buy Legal Marijuana in Spokane

All Mike Boyer wanted this week was to be the first guy to ever buy legal marijuana in Spokane, Washington. Rockin’ the headiest of the heady tie-dye shirts, Boyer camped outside a dispensary for 19 hours to be the first one to get his hands on that dankness. A news report showed up to do a profile on Boyer, who seems like a mad chill guy everyone has probably toked with at one point in their stoner lives:

His rallying cry is one for the ages: “What do we want? Marijuana. When do we want it? 2 p.m.!”

Sadly, there isn’t a happy ending to Boyer’s quest to be the first dude in Spokane to buy legal weed. Employed by Kodiak Security Services, a client saw him on TV talking like The Dude and his employer fired him. But he has no regrets, even though it was “a total buzzkill.” Via Vocativ:

“I’m still the captain! I’m still number one!” he tells Vocativ. “I mean, a man can always can get a job. But a man can only be the first person to buy recreational cannabis in Spokane once.”

“I brought my surplus army sleeping bag and bedroll. I brought my Doritos and Mountain Dew. I was stylin’!” Boyer says. To dress for the festive mood, he also sported his favorite Liquid Blue tie-dye T-shirt. “I’ve been rockin’ it for about 12 years now,” he says.

“Yeah, it was kind of a buzzkill,” he says. “But I wasn’t going to let it ruin an awesome day.”

That’s the spirit, Mike. His resume is on Craigslist, in case anyone wants to hire him. You’re always more than welcome to write about the stoner life for us, Mike. My e-mail is in the bottom of this post.

 [H/T: Gawker]
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