There’s A Cadbury Creme Egg Pizza That Looks Like The Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Laid My Eyes On

HOLY SHIT! That was my internal reaction upon hearing that there’s a Cadbury Creme egg pizza that us humans can actually eat—and, yes, I would’ve yelled it out loud had I not been in line for two cheeseburgers at McDonald’s when I found the news on my phone.

After Micky D’s announced last week that they’ll be adding the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry to their menu in time for Easter, a pizza shop in Manchester, U.K. called Crazy Pedro’s unveiled a pie that, according to its Instagram, is “covered with chocolate sauce, sprinkled with marshmallows, brownie, meringue and topped with a soft creme egg.”

Offered as a 10-inch pie, the concoction is listed on the menu as “I Am The ResurrEGGtion,” with the executive director of the shop, Lyndon Higginson, adding this about the motive behind the new dish, via TIME, ““Easter is the time to indulge and what better way than to fill your face with pizza and chocolate?”

I couldn’t have said it any better myself, now get in my fucking belly, Cadbury Creme egg pizza!


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