Cali Man Pulls The Ultimate Cali Move And Tries To Long Board Away From A High Speed Chase With The Cops



This is probably the funniest attempted criminal getaway we’ve seen in a while. It’s like a two-minute action movie that manages to capture Cali’s laidback chillness with its more nefarious side, like car chases and all the melancholy stuff the Red Hot Chili Peppers sang about in “Californication.”

This man got in a high speed chase around L.A. in a stolen BMW. He hit speeds of 90 miles per hour, clearly putting a lot of lives at risk. But then when he crashed, he took to foot with his trusty longboard, attempting to flee the scene while longboarding (…a move like that only works in the parking lot of Phish shows, brah). Then a former TruTV reality tv star sees the criminal being chased by the cops and pins him in a corner with his truck. Justice! Sweet, sweet justice! And best of all, captured on a news crew’s helicopter camera.

You are a weird, wonderful place, California.

[H/T: Gawker]

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