Casinos Want Millennials Gambling Their Money Aways So Be On The Look Out For These Gimmicks

Casinos throughout the nation are reporting that no new money is coming in. That’s obviously not good for The House that relies on you gambling your earnings away, so casinos in the Northeast (and elsewhere) have begun to lure millennials in the doors by pulling some devious tricks. Well, they’re not really devious per say, because it’s no different than what most casinos in Las Vegas are doing. But the changes these Northeast casinos are making is certainly something you should keep a watchful eye on because at the end of the day they just want your $$$$$.

They’re pandering to millennials by offering up the sorts of amenities they think millennials travel to Las Vegas for, and they’re doing it under the radar. All of this is happening to trick millennials into hitting the gambling floor. reports:

Casinos worried that millennials aren’t getting into traditional gambling like their parents and grandparents are bringing in tattoo studios, mixed martial arts competitions and other offbeat attractions to attract a younger clientele.
In New England, where a regional casino war is afoot, Connecticut’s Foxwoods is remaking one of its gambling floors — now christened “The Fox” — as a hip, fun scene in the sprawling 30-year-old casino complex.
The casino floor bar was redone in January to include a stage where a mostly female ensemble covers pop songs. Just off the gambling floor, a swank new tattoo studio-slash-fashion retailer opened in the fall, not far from where Shrine, the casino’s popular nightclub, is increasingly booking top electronic dance acts like DeadMau5 and Tiesto.
“It’s kind of like the party place,” says CEO Felix Rappaport. “It’s really energized the casino floor.”
In Rhode Island, the more modest-sized Twin River Casino removed 274 slot machines to make way for more poker and other table games favored by younger gamblers this past December. It’s also been hosting mixed martial arts competitions at its event center, a nod to its popularity among younger fight fans.

EDM is the ticket, according to The Fox. By booking the nation’s top EDM acts they think they’ll draw millennials into casinos where they millennials will then spend money on the gambling floor. This might happen, it very well could. I think what these casinos are forgetting though is NOBODY DRINKS COPIUS AMOUNTS OF BOOZE at EDM concerts.

Unlike country music concerts, jam bands, etc. where everyone’s getting blacked out and thus impairing their abilities to make level-headed decisions about gambling at an EDM show everyone’s drinking water. I’m pretty skeptical that these initiatives will translate into more $$$$$ spent at casinos by millennials, but I still wanted you bros to be on the lookout for these changes so you don’t get duped into gambling away your rent.

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