There’s Now A ‘Cecil The Lion Killer Dentist’ Costume Equipped With Blood And A Severed Lion Head

Just in time for Halloween, y’all!

The costume, which consists of a severed lion’s head and a bloody dentist’s shirt was made available after the CEO of, Jonathan Weeks, said the costume company was “flooded with requests.” The flood of requests, however, has not turned into a flood of orders, because according to Daily Mail, the company has yet to sell one of the Cecil the Lion Killer costumes.

If you’re sitting there, saying to yourself, “This ain’t right, man. This is fucked up.” Shut off your stupid thoughts, because Costumeish isn’t just in this to offend people for profit. They are giving 15% of the profits to African Wildlife Foundation’s Justice For Cecil fundraiser. Which is really conflicting if you think about it. It’s as if Costumeish is paying a 15% fee to a charity just so they could make a costume that says, “HAHAHAHAHA, a stupid lion got murdered by a dentist. HILARIOUS COSTUME.”

Their write up doesn’t even justify why they decided to go ahead and make it.

In other Cecil the Lion costume news, the company made a sexy Cecil the Lion costume for chicks and it’s hotter than the earth’s fucking core.

The thing with this costume from Yandy, is that it’s way less offensive than Costumeish’s severed head get up. And, to add insult to injury, Yandy is even more generous, donating 20% of their proceeds to World Wildlife Fund to support global conservation initiatives. Then again, their costume is just a sexy lion and isn’t as obvious or pack the same, “LOL, look honey, this jokester is dressed up as the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion. Classic! Hold my beer while I get a photo with him” punch that Costumeish’s does.