The Obscenely Preposterous $1.9 Million 770-HP Centenario Is The Most Powerful Lamborghini EVER

On April 28 it will be the 100th birthday of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the luxury sportscar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini. While Ferruccio passed away in 1993, his legend lives on and his company is celebrating his centennial birthday with the brand new and completely awe-inspiring Lamborghini Centenario.

Lamborghini’s newest hypercar was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, and it is jaw-dropping. The 770-horsepower supercar features an uprated version of the company’s signature V-12 engine that it used in the Aventador, making the Centenario the most powerful raging bull ever. All that power allows for neck-snapping acceleration that launches the driver from 0-62 mph in a blindingly-fast 2.8 seconds and the top speed exceeds 218 mph.

The Centenario flaunts a major technology that is new to the Lamborghini brand – rear-wheel steering (RWS). RWS enables the rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels when driving at low speeds, improving the turning radius and makes the car more nimble. At high speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction, which increases the Centenario’s virtual wheelbase and improving its stability.

To stop the Centenario dead in its tracks, the new Lamborghini utilizes carbon-ceramic brakes and magnetorheological dampers. The hypercar features a carbon fiber construction, which helps give it the curb weight is 3,350 pounds. Another new feature for the Lamborghini brand is a touchscreen-based infotainment system with Internet connectivity and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

The price tag of this road beast is $1.9 million, but they are already gone. Production on the supercar was limited to 20 Centenario coupes and 20 roadsters, all of which are already sold out.

Fun Fact: Ferruccio’s birthday was April 28th, which meant he was a Taurus. That constellation is in the shape of a bull, henceforth the reason Lamborghinis are named after bulls.