These Are The Cheapest Cities In The World To Get Drunk In

Summer is when we drink beer. In terms of priorities, during the Summer months they are ranked as such: Beer, Sun, Food. Scotch and Bourbon are year-round drinks, Vodka’s for the Winter, Fall’s always up in the air, but when it comes to Summer then beer is the only thing you should be drinking every day. Summer’s always a time for traveling. Cheap flights and hotel specials worldwide make it the ideal travel season. But where do you go? Or more specifically, where do you go for the cheapest beer? Thankfully that question has been answered.

GoEuro put together a MASSIVE infographic, tracking the beer prices of the 75 biggest cities in the the world. Here’s the top 30:







Not content to look at beer prices in a grid, Niall McCarthy at Forbes put together a map of the cheapest cities that’s slightly more easy for you to digest:



So bros, if you’re looking to get the most bang for your beer buck this Summer and are looking for a pretty sick road trip, might I suggest heading south to Mexico City? To get to all the other locations you’ll have to hop on a plane, but you can drive to Mexico City and drink cheap beer in every cantina along the way!

For all 75 cities you can CLICK HERE.