Someone Should Tell This Chick That Naked, Stupid, And Entering Homes Through Chimneys Is No Way To Go Through Life

Breaking and entering into your ex-boyfriend’s house is a bad enough idea on its own, but when this 35-year-old, Los Angeles woman made the decision to go through the chimney she added another, almost fatal layer of stupidity.

According to CBS Local:

Homeowner Tony Hernandez said the woman, the mother of his three children, had tried around 5 a.m. to open the door of his home in the 15800 block of Rancho Viejo Drive. When she found it locked she climbed to the roof and attempted to get in through the chimney. That’s when she became wedged inside the 12-by-12-inch chimney. She had apparently removed her clothes to aid her descent.

Hernandez said he awoke to her cries for help and tried to get her out with an extension cord: “She said, ‘I’m trapped in the chimney.’ So I tried to get her out but it was too hard.”

Firefighters came and helped free the woman after a two-hour operation that involved breaking the fireplace open.

You want to blame the chick for everything here but if I’m this Hernandez fellow, I’m taking a long, hard look at myself in the mirror. Sure, he didn’t do anything wrong — that we know about — but he is the guy who had THREE KIDS with a woman too stupid to break a fucking window. And that’s almost worse.;;playerWidth=620;playerHeight=349;isShowIcon=true;clipId=11002016;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=CBS.LA%252Fworldnowplayer;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlay