This Is What A Baby Who Was Born With 31 Fingers And Toes Looks Like


There are some crazy things I’ve seen in my life, but hearing about a baby who was born in China with a combined 31 fingers and toes—15 fingers and 16 toes—might just have found its way into the top-3 outrageous, because, well, that’s not exactly normal.

The boy, who’s name is Hong Hong, was born in China this past January, and the extra appendages come from a rare genetic disorder called polydactylism. His parents told CNN that they’re trying to raise money for the tyke to have surgery to remove the extra digits, but the cost can be about $30,000 US dollars (200,000 Chinese yuan).

While Hong Hong’s mother also has polydactylism, she only has an additional finger and toe on each hand and foot, so this is a bit extreme.

As if the additional appendages weren’t enough, Hong Hong was also born without thumbs on either hand, yet has two palms, so the surgery would include the addition of thumbs. Craziness!

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