The Cincinnati Zoo Deleted Its Twitter Accounts Thanks To Too Many Harambe Memes


If you’re a Bro in the English speaking world, there’s a good chance you’ve whipped your dick out over the past couple weeks to honor his holiness Harambe, a gentle gorilla who was ruthlessly slaughtered by the Cincinnati Zoo at the beginning of the summer.

The memification of Harambe — blessed be thy name — isn’t sitting over well with the Cincinnati Zoo, even though they’re the ones that played Pontius Pilate when it came to The Holy Harambe’s worldly fate.  The zoo is so ticked off that they’re going AWOL from social media, saying they’ve had enough of the memes.

Communications Director Michelle Curley confirmed that the zoo deleted its Twitter accounts Monday but did not provide any additional details. Director Thane Maynard’s account also is no longer active.
May our mourning for Harambe never be cease. He lives in our hearts forever. This is what he would have wanted.






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