There’s A Floating Bar In The Ocean Off Fiji And I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life Getting Piss Drunk There

This is Cloud9, Bros.

That is literally the name of this floating ocean bar in Fiji. CLOUD9. I’d say that name seems to suit it, because I haven’t been able to think of anything other than being there since the knowledge of its existence came into my life 12 minutes ago.

Cloud9 – FIJI from AerialVisionAustralia on Vimeo.

It’s seeing shit like this that makes me wonder what super wealthy people who continue to work are doing with their lives. The fuck is wrong with them? You have enough money, find fulfillment in other ways. If I were them, I would be off the grid. People outside of my family would never see or hear from me again. That’s not just hyperbole. I wouldn’t text back, I wouldn’t answer phone calls, I would have a permanent auto reply that says, “Don’t Care” to any email sent my way. Because when you’re sucking back Coronas on Cloud9 nothing else matters.

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