College Bro Comes Out To His Best Friend Via Text Message, Friend Reacts Like A Total Bro

A pretty endearing story of Bros being Bros popped up on Reddit yesterday. One college Bro came out to his best friend by sharing the story of his latest takedown. His friends’ reaction was pretty classic.  As I’ve said in the past…

Just pause for a second and think about what “Bro” is actually an abbreviation for: Brother. That’s it! It’s a simple term of endearment between guys. Here at BroBible, we’ve always avoiding defining “Bro” as a lifestyle. It’s just… Life. “Bro” is descriptor for masculine brotherhood that’s really more inclusionary than exclusionary: You don’t have to be in a fraternity, do bong rips, crush mad Nattys, dress like Scott Disick, play a D-1 sport, or even be attracted to the opposite sex to be one.

Fuck yeah. This is what being a Bro is all about. Now let’s get drunk.

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