Comedian Norm MacDonald Has Far Better Insight And Analysis Of Why Donald Trump Won The Election Than Any Political Pundit

Since the presidential election on November 9, there’s probably been no less than 5,000 articles written attempting to understand and break down how and why Donald J. Trump defeated the heavy favorite Hillary Rodham Clinton. Sadly, so many of the articles were biased towards one of the candidates making their attempt to dissect the shocking results of the election flawed and partisan. For over two months after the startling election results that turned the political world on its head, nobody could effectively communicate why Hillary Clinton lost the election and why heavy underdog Donald Trump won the election after being universally underestimated by nearly everyone in the media. However, one man seems to have a firm grasp the series of events that led to the astonishing election of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States, and that man is Norm MacDonald. Yes, the same Norm MacDonald that is a comedian and was referred to as Turd Ferguson on Saturday Night Live back in the day.

MacDonald, who is Canadian, puts forth an insightful look into the mistakes by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, then points out why we all need to come together for the betterment of the country and to love, even love your enemy.

These were all last night. You can still see it on his feed and he interacts with others as well. Thought it’d be nice to have it here. Anyway, here:
So much panic or “panic” or fear or “fear” or “hate” or “hate” or racism or “racism”. On the eve of inauguration, confusion rules the day.
There are the Trump enemies, who see him as, at worst, a dangerous racist and, at best, a dangerous clown. They hate him.
There are the Trump supporters, who see him as a victim, attacked by the left and the media. They hate all who hate Trump.
Some wring their hands and say the problem is with Trump supporters for believing Trump when he said they should be afraid and angry.
At the same time, these very people are afraid and angry; of the Trump supporters.
One thing is for certain. The country is more divided than it has ever been.
There are many, many reasons Hillary did not win, but I think the chief problem was that the Democratic party coronated her.
Hillary should never have been the nominee. She became the nominee due to the type of Tammany Hall politics the democratic voter could see.
Using political chits, first-lady status, Obama ties, Michelle Obama-quotes and the grimy olicharchic use of “super delegates”.
The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.
The Democrats knew who they wanted, knew the party with the best agent of change had the best chance, and they had the perfect man.
Bernie Sanders.
The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.
The country was ready for a change, both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans chose an agent of change, the Democrats were blocked.
But Bernie was not the nominee foe two reasons. Interested Billionaires wanted Hillary. Bernie wouldn’t mention the e-mails until too late.
It takes a lot to lose an election when your opponent is Donald Trump. But Hillary managed it.
One reason was for that very reason. That once he won the nomination, she won the Presidency. This was her thinking.
And so she was silent, waited out the clock, salivating whenever Trump made another gaffe which she witnessed from an undisclosed location.
And then she made the worst comment in political history, when she described Trump supporters as deplorable and irredeemable.
Irredeemable is a concept not embraced by many Americans and certainly not Liberal ones.
People on Death Row are not considered irredeemable, nor should they be.
Hillary lost. She should never been coronated and no one ever explained to the Democrats why they were given no choice as to their nominee.
Trump beat 17 opponents. I believe Bernie Sanders would have beaten 17 opponents.
Trump began in two full poker tables, where he played one off the other, collecting more and more of chips each time a rival busted out.
Hillary was in a game of heads-up, with a massive chip lead from the beginning and all the fellow pros cheering her on from the rail.
America wanted their next President to be an outsider. Trump vs. Sanders would have electrified all voters, not half of them.
But now it is over and the President will soon be Donald Trump.
Many people think Donald Trump is legally unfit to be President. if this is true, articles of impeachment should directly be drawn up.
Most reasonable people do not believe this.Many reasonable people hope that something from the President’s past or immediate future stop him
It is hard to know how many Democratic voters would prefer if Trump was a successful President good for the country and how many would not.
What really seems to disappoint the left is the vast amount of their fellow Americans who they feel were either duped by a mountebank or…
who share his “hatred” and “misogyny” and “cruelty” and so on.
Most, i feel, think the latter is the case. that desperate people bought snake-oil.
The people who believe the former, hat half the country are irredeemable racists,truly hate their neighbors,but I think this is a myopic few
So, then, they are profoundly disappointed that tens of millions of their fellow Americans were duped into scapegoating and worse.
” Wait until Trump’s base realize he will not do what he promised”, they warn.
This makes you wonder if they want Trump to act on his more outrageous rhetoric or not. Which would make them more unhappy. They are convinced that they must be unhappy with a Trump Presidency. They simply have too much invested in its failure.
To put it another way, Trump is too big to succeed.
Obama faced the same dilemma. Some would rather see him fail than the country succeed.
Many on the left are shocked that America is still a racist country.They are not racist.So for the country to be racist, all else just be.
Of course half the country do not like to be condescended to by the other half and do not feel like they need to be told why they voted.
To be called deplorable is obscene but to be called irredeemable is profane.
No one knows what the next four years will bring.
But the losers in this cycle worry about hate becoming the prevailing emotion.
The answer is not to hate those who voted for a different candidate.
The answer, and it is the only answer that ever has been or ever will be, is not to hate but to love.And the greatest love is of your enemy.