We Held A Competition At Comic-Con To See Which Cosplayer Cosplayed Their Balls Off

To those who are unfamiliar, COSPLAY, or “costume play,” is NOT the practice of dressing up like America’s favorite comedian/rapist Bill Cosby. Rather, cosplay is when painfully shy introverts don elaborate costumes and prance around acting weird. That’s a very unscientific definition.

At Comic-Con, more people cosplay than don’t, so to really immerse ourselves in the Comic-Con experience, we felt it was necessary to engage cosplayers and see how far they took their dedication to the craft.

We decided to hold a competition in which we gave cosplayers a scenario and asked them to respond in character. Since we had no idea who 90% of the characters are, we recruited a squad of nerds to act as our judges. Some cosplayers did better than others, but most importantly, we all avoided confronting our demons.

Check it out for yourself and see if you agree with our judges.