Watch Competitive Eater Matt Stonie DEVOUR 12 Taco Bell Tacos In Little Over One Minute

Are you pigging the fuck out on wings and pizza at your Super Bowl party? Something tells me that no matter how many boneless wings you consume tonight, you won’t come close to Matt “Megatoad” Stonie. That’s because Stonie pounded 241 chicken wings in just 10 minutes at the 2015 Hooters World Wing Eating Championship. But this is a new year, new goals, new feeding frenzy. Now is a time for tacos.

One of Stonie’s friends made the mistake of betting that the #1 ranked competitive eater in the world could not scarf down 12 Taco Bell tacos in under 1:30. As Stonie said, “Easiest money ever.” Megatoad devoured 12 Taco Bell tacos in a ridiculous 1:18, and he even lived to collect his $100.