Guy Finds 60-Year-Old Contest Card While Cleaning House, Enters As A Joke, And Ends Up Winning A Baseball Glove

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Darwin Day, a 70-year-old man from Grand Prairie, was cleaning his house and found a complete collection of Topps baseball cards from 1957-58.

One of the cards included in the set was for a Bazooka bubble gum contest titled: “Win These Swell Prizes in the 4th Bazooka Baseball Contest.” To enter, the card owner had to correctly fill out scores from some professional baseball games and remit the card. No deadline was stated on the card, so as a joke, he sent the completed entry card to an executive at Bazooka Candy Brands.

He ended up with a swell prize.

Day was in bed he received when he received a call from Rogers & Cowan, a marketing firm that represents Topps. They told Day Topps was going to honor the contest.

His prize package also included T-shirts, a pillow with a Bazooka Joe comic strip printed on it and lots of gum.

This is all super well and good but can we go back to the fact he found a complete set of 1957 Topps cards? Even if they’re in average condition, he’s still sitting on a nice chunk of change.

But yeah, cool, enjoy your shirts.

[via Yahoo!]

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