How To Commit Corporate Suicide In One Fell Swoop: Do Exactly What This Company Did On LinkedIn

A Canadian company was looking to hire a content writer/SEO specialist so they did what anyone does these days and put up a listing for the position on LinkedIn. That LinkedIn listing has already been taken down but I’m guessing it’s not because the position has been filled, I’m guessing it’s because the last line of the job description just created a PR nightmare for that company and probably got someone fired for saying some incredibly misogynistic and stupid shit.

Here’s the screenshot I took of the listing that’s now dead:



If you can’t read what that says it goes lil something like this:

“Please note that the position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.”

Sorry guys, if you were looking to fulfill the position of content writer and SEO specialist for Vestra Inet (a Toronto-based company) then you’re shit out of lucky because they only want ladies for the position…Bros need not apply.

Ladies though, if you’re looking to work as an SEO specialist for a company in Toronto know that they’re looking for you and not me, because I have testicles and apparently that means I’d make an awful receptionist according to this company.

Shout out to my buddy K.O. for tipping me off to this link!

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