Senator Thinks Dank Memes Will Win The War On Terror, And It’s Time For Uncle Sam To Call Me Up To The Big Leagues

It’s the bottom of the 9th, we’ve got ISIS’ backs against the ropes, I’m calling for the captain to put me in so I can throw a hail mary to the sweeper and hit a hole-in-one for freedom! Never before in the history of our great nation has there ever been a cause for which my otherwise crappy, but in this case uniquely qualified set of skills were designed for: fighting terrorists with DANK MEMES. In a hearing today several United States Senators nodded their head in agreement that the only way to win the War on Terror and drop Hot Carl’s all over the chests of ISIS is to go at them in the trenches, to fight meme with meme on social media.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ is probably a member of ISIS, because we all know it’s an INTERNET OF MEMES. And as it is an Internet of Memes, an Internet that we invented right here in ‘Murica, we’re going to kick some ass using dank memes. Or at least that’s the conventional wisdom put forth today by U.S. Senators (including Cory Booker) during Senate Homeland Security hearing.

Jimmies will be rustled.

Dank memes may not be able to burn villages, but they can destroy morale and create confusion:

The Intercept (Firstlook) has the story on just what the hell I’m rambling on about here:

Lawmakers despairing over the Islamic State’s success in recruiting would-be terrorists on social media proposed on Thursday that the U.S. government create more viral memes, possibly with Hollywood’s help.
“There’s an obvious piece of legislation that we need to start working on,” Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., said during a Homeland Security Committee hearing on “Jihad 2.0“.
“Let’s face it: We invented the Internet. We invented the social network sites. We’ve got Hollywood. We’ve got the capabilities… to blow these guys out of the water from the standpoint of communications.”
Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., backed his colleague’s appeal. “Look at their fancy memes compared to what we’re not doing,” Booker said, displaying examples of jihadist online postings.
Booker is a prolific user of Twitter and a former viral sensation in his own right, as mayor of Newark. He said he knows “something about memes,” and added that “there are easy tactics how to get more voice, virality to messaging that we’re not using as a government.”
Instead, he lamented, the U.S. is spending “millions and millions of dollars on old school forms of media,” like Voice of America.

“I know something about memes.” — Cory Booker.

Yah, me too Senator Booker, we’re all meme experts over here at BroBible, and we’re ready to serve our country whenever you’ll let us. You tell me when and where and I’ll bring the dank ass memes, and before you know it ISIS will be more of a laughing stock than Pepe the Frog.

Is this what you’re looking for Senator Booker? Is this what I need to bring to the table to drop meme bombs all over ISIS? Can I triforce? Am I doing it right?

Now go forth into the world, share these memes, make your own memes. Fight ISIS with memes for the good of your country!

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