Couple Claims They Cured Their Depression And Saved Their Marriage By Having Sex With Other Couples

If you’re in a rough relationship that’s on the decline and you think that swinging might be breath of fresh air your relationship needs, the New York Post has an article for you. A middle-aged couple from the New York City area testifies that swinging and having sex with other couples “cured” their depression and marital problems. It’s a pro-polyamorous relationship read, for those into that sort of thing. Here’s the wife’s testimony:

I remember the exact day I snapped out of my depression — my 36th birthday in August 2008, when we went to the strip club Sin City in The Bronx.
To my surprise, I had the time of my life. In the past, I’d have been jealous about Ray looking at these gorgeous, fit girls, but this time, I wasn’t concerned at all.
In fact, the strippers were flirting with me more than my husband!

That winter, we had our first sexual encounter with a South Jersey couple in their late 30s whom we met on They were newbies, too, and, like us, extremely nervous when we invited them back to our house after our double date at a Cuban restaurant. (It’s one of our rules that our children always stay outside of the home with grandparents or a baby sitter when we meet couples. They don’t know we’re polyamorous.)

That first experience wasn’t great. I had penetrative sex with the husband after some oral sex with the woman. Ray then slept with the wife. The best part of the night was Ray and I having sex after the other two had left. It had been such a turn-on to see each other with different partners.
After that, we saw the same couple as friends, but we didn’t take things into the bedroom again. The real breakthrough came about three months later when we met a couple — an OB-GYN nurse and an IT manager in their late 30s.

We connected on so many levels and the sex was incredible. They eventually became our best friends, and we’d meet them for family barbecues, even their kids’ baptisms.

In all, we’ve slept with about six different couples. Our criteria include being educated and being able to hold a good conversation.

Of course, we both have to be physically attracted to each partner, too. And we always use condoms when we have sex.

Read the whole thing over at the New York Post.

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