Is This Couple’s Cute Story About Sharing Cookie Dough At A Club Really About Housing Cocaine?



It is very important for couples to share interests. I think one of the main reasons my high school girlfriend and I broke up was because I started smoking pot every day and she believed people shouldn’t do illegal drugs. Total conflict of interest.

So when you find that special someone who loves what you love, you latch on to them, even if that something is buying bags of cookie dough and eating it on the dance floor.


That’s what this couple recently featured on Humans of New York said brought them together.

We met on Fire Island. I wasn’t even planning on going out that night. I’d already drank half a bottle of Johnny Black so I was just going to stay in and read my Chelsea Handler book, but my friends promised to bake me cookies if I went to the club with them. So I went to buy three bags of cookie dough, and when I finally got to the club all my friends were making out with somebody, so I was like ‘this sucks,’ and I just started dancing by myself and eating the cookie dough. Then I saw him by the DJ booth and we made eye contact so I went over and started sharing my cookie dough. We never actually spoke. Then a few months later I ran into him on the subway.”

Yea, TOTES NORM, if by cookie dough you mean cookie dough-caine. If you catch my drift. The blog So Let’s Talk About was the first to pick up on the absurdity of the story.

HONY thought it would be cute to substitute “cookie dough” for cocaine without even realizing how ridiculous that lie is. Ain’t nobody eating a bag of cookie dough out with their friends on Fire Island. A bag of warm-ass cookie dough in a gay club.

Also, if your friends were going to bake you cookies after, why would you bring the cookie dough to the club and eat it? HOW WOULD YOUR FRIENDS MAKE COOKIES THEN??

So yea. However, The Daily Dot reached out to one of the people and they insisted the cookie dough story was the truth.

Like I said, doesn’t matter what your interests are, just that you both share them.

[Via The Daily Dot]

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