Crazy Dude Takes Sting From A ‘Cow Killer’, A Wasp With A Sting So Powerful It’s Said To Actually Kill Cows

Steve-O and Chris Pontius of MTV’s Wildboyz have NOTHING on this. In this clip above a man named Coyote, which we discussed internally at BroBible and decided is the single best name in the world if you’re looking to become a legendary Beach Volleyball player, but I digress…This man named Coyote trucks out into Arizona’s Sonoran Desert to find a ‘Cow Killer’, a wasp with a sting so painful the pain is said to be able to actually KILL cows. After locating and capturing one of these Cow Killer wasps the man named Coyote then stings himself with it to show us all how excruciatingly painful the bite really is.

It’s hard to believe this little fucker can take down a cow:

I think of myself as someone with an extremely high pain threshold. I’ve hurt myself enough over the years that if I show up to the Emergency Room with a torn meniscus or a broken arm then I’m probably only writing a 6 to 7 on the ‘pain scale’ form they make you fill out because I know fully well that there are MUCH worse pains out there in the world. What this dude named Coyote just subjected himself too seems like pure insanity. I’m not sure why Steve-O and Chris Pontius used to sting themselves in the asses with scorpions just for ratings on MTV and I sure as shit don’t get why Coyote would sting himself with a wasp so painful it can kill a cow just for some YouTube videos…That said, I’m glad he did because that was fascinating to watch.

…(h/t DIGG via Brave Wilderness YouTube)…