This Video Shows Which States Have The Craziest Sex Laws, So Be Careful Out There, Bros


We all love sex and funny things that look sexual, but, thanks to our friends over at Pop Crunch, The Young Turks Network’s Hasan Piker describes some of the craziest sex laws in the United States, and they’re as insane as you might think.

Now, until watching this video, those of you in the state of Oregon may have been thinking about building a statue with some bro’s dong hanging out, or, in Nebraska, that you could get away with marrying someone with a venereal disease without anyone noticing, but I wouldn’t risk it, because these sex laws are real as fuck.

If you want more sex law wisdom, take a look at Pop Crunch’s first installment of their craziest sex laws.

[H/T Pop Crunch]

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