Creepy Man With An HR Death Wish Texts His Female Co-Worker That He’s Definitely Masturbated To Her

There’s a lot going on in this awkward text message exchange between a creepy male and female co-worker, but the takeaway is this: Some things should just go unsaid. This dude wanted to tell the girl he works with that he’s been crushing on her hard “ever since that pool party.” He starts with the whole “I had a dream” thing, then goes on to say that he’s masturbated while thinking about her a couple of times, which is just about the most creepy thing you could ever tell someone. Bruh…. TMI.

Since they’re co-workers, this certainly must make things uncomfortable for the girl in the workplace. If the dude doesn’t get canned for it, he should at least have the dignity to quit and get job somewhere else. Kind of seems like his only option at this point, no?



But then…


Yeah, I don’t think the topic is going to get changed, buddy. You made your bed, now you have to lay in it. Have fun with that.

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