Watch This Girl Go From 0 To 60 And Completely Lose Her Shit When Her BF Surprises Her With A Proposal

Thankfully I wasn’t forced to endure any awkward ‘surprise proposals’ yesterday, not in person and not on Facebook. But now that Christmas has passed by us the web is about to be flooded with videos of surprise proposals, but rest assured that this is the ONLY one you need to watch.

This chick never saw it coming, she went from Zero to Sobbing T-Rex in less than one second. It’s around the 1:09 mark where she realizes what’s happening and the tears take over. Thankfully for us and everyone involved, someone thought to turn on the camera beforehand and capture this girl’s joyous misery for everyone to see.

EDIT: In the process of sharing this video with you it appears to have been taken off of YouTube, here there’s a mirror of it here……and we’re back up on YouTube!

How is that an appropriate reaction to something in life that’s meant to be happy?