Dad Builds Badass Bed For His Son Including A Slide And A Secret Room And Now I Want One

Despite the trials and tribulations of Ryan Reynolds and his failed effort at putting together an IKEA crib, apparently some people out there know how to actually build things.

One such person is this dad named Eric Strong who obviously has done stuff like this before.

Watch as he puts together just about the most badass bed a son has ever had in order to help him make a smoother transition to a “big boy bed.”

The bed includes a slide, a set of color-changing LED lights, and best of all a secret room which is hidden behind a bookcase and triggered by, you guessed it, lifting up a certain book just like in the movies. Oh, the room also has a special escape hatch too. Awesome.

The bed also has a pulley with a bucket to haul toys up in and a “ball run” which also incorporates the bucket.

He says that he built it using the Kura bed, the Trofast storage system and the Besta shelving unit from IKEA and it only cost him around $850.

Now not only do I want this bed in my bedroom I also want Eric Strong to be my dad. Freaking…amazing.

H/T Bob’s Blitz