This ‘Daddy Issues’ Instagram Account Is Basically A Live Feed Of The Shit That Girls Think Of On A Daily Basis

Have you ever wondered what girls think about on a daily basis? I’m sure you assume it all falls within the lines of “boys,” “makeup,” “vaginas,” “periods” and “that super cute guy on television who plays that one character who idk but like he’s cute and I’d bang.” Well surprise!

That’s sorta accurate…but not.

“Accurate” in the sense that sex and relationships pop up a lot, but inaccurate in the sense that our worldview is a snarky tub of sass and not just a makeup bag full of prissy girliness. Don’t believe me? The Instagram account “Daddy Issues” is basically what the majority of girls are thinking, albeit in meme-form.

And now all I want are donuts. God fucking dammit.

[H/T MTV News, header image via Shutterstock]