Dallas Policemen Clearly Need to Go to More Raves, Have No Idea What ‘Molly’ Is

In North Texas and across the country there is a dangerous designer drug. It's not really new, but it's gaining popularity and is being laced through the lyrics of hip-hop music.

When Jay-Z and other rappers reference Molly in their music they mean more than the girl next door.

“It's a very dangerous drug that I'm afraid people can die of and have died in the past,” said Dr. Stephen Garrison from Caron Treatment Centers.

The street name for the drug is Molly. It has a long chemical name that's usually shortened to MDMA. Sometimes it's snorted or taken in capsule form. Other times the powder is wrapped in tissue and swallowed.

Users claim it makes them excited and amplifies whatever they are experiencing. Experts said it works by releasing adrenaline-type medicine that affects the body like taking an amphetamine.

As fellow writer B-Dubs exclaimed in our internet chat sesh regarding this article, it's kind of funny that these police-folk are worried about molly in relation to hip-hop. Given that, you know, it's been the drug of choice for EDM and a bevy of other genre's for quite sometime now. Chalk it up to the Dallas Police not being part of the “in” crowd, but there's more:

The officers said Molly is not just being talked about in music.

“The same kids that are at the clubs taking it, they are talking about it on Facebook,” said Detective Mike, a Dallas police narcotics officer.

They said some of the girls they see taking the drug are as young as 15.

“Sometimes the clubs shut down at 4 o'clock in the morning and then they'll go to the after party until 6, 7, 8 o'clock in the morning and I don't know what these girls are telling their parents. Maybe that they are at a friend's house or whatever,” Detective Mike said.

Dallas police have been out everywhere they think the drug is looking for it.

This is real, people. Help the Dallas police find trending topic #Molly before it's too late. 

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