Five Officers Dead, Seven Wounded After Sniper Opens Fire On ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest In Dallas

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FOX4 News

[*Editors Note: This post has been repeatedly updated to reflect the most current information available regarding the ambush shooting in downtown Dallas on July 7, 2016. The story reflects the chronological nature of reports, with addendums noted as they were known.]

Emerging reports indicate two police officers were killed and at least seven more wounded in Dallas on Thursday night after chaos erupted when a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest was fired upon by two assailants believed to have been wielding sniper rifles.

The protest was being held in the wake of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philado Castile, both black men killed at the hands of police in the past 36 hours, when shots rang out and sent the crowds fleeing in panic.

Officers instantaneously responded and engaged the gunfire, which is believed to have come from a parking garage in the vicinity of the protest.

As of now, reports are still varied about how many shots were fired, as the scene was nothing short of chaos when EMTs arrived.

One witness reports hearing up to as many as 200 rounds, while other reports claim less.

A very graphic video captured by Fox News appears to show a police officer lying motionless in the shadow of a patrol car in the middle of a street. Please note the immensely graphic and disturbing nature of it if you so choose to watch.

Wounded officers have been transported to Baylor’s medical center, and both shooters are still believed to be on the loose.

UPDATE 11:52pm EST: A picture shows Dallas PD arresting one individual near the crime scene, although any connection remains unknown.

UPDATE 11:56pm EST: Dallas PD’s Chief offered this statement about the ongoing situation.

UPDATE 11:58pm EST: The picture below is believed to be one of the suspects, still on the run. Tragically, the number of officers shot has risen to 11.

UPDATE 12:11am EST: It now sounds as if officers have one of the suspects cornered. Additionally, the area is being scoured for any trace of bombs or explosive devices as a precaution, after one of the suspects reportedly levied the potential threat.

UPDATE 12:16am EST: A fourth officer has tragically been confirmed dead.

UPDATE 12:24am EST: Reports are indicating the brother of the armed man in the earlier picture circulated by Dallas PD in maintaining his innocence. This is also being corroborated by a number of videos taken after the shots rang out.

UPDATE 12:31am EST: Dallas PD provided another statement indicating the person of interest had turned himself in, and that one suspect is in custody.

UPDATE 1:14am EST: Dallas PD has pulled over a Mercedes seen leaving the scene at a high rate of speed, after witnessing a man throw a camouflage bag into the back of the car. Police are due to give another press conference at 1:30am EST

UPDATE 1:45am EST: It appears three suspects are now in police custody, as police continue to have a standoff with a fourth suspect in a garage at nearby El Centro College. Reports indicate the three suspects so far – two men and a woman – have not been cooperative with authorities.

An additional report confirms one civilian was also wounded.

UPDATE 2:48am EST: Another Dallas PD officer has been confirmed dead as the standoff is still ongoing.

UPDATE 12:42pm EST: Dallas PD has now confirmed the believe it was a single perpetrator responsible for the shootings, and he was killed by a robotic explosive device in the parking garage at El Centro College, where he was holed up following the ambush.

Reportedly, but unconfirmed by police, the deceased suspect is 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson, a resident of Mesquite, Texas,

Sources indicate Johnson was part of the U.S. Army reserve, and one report indicates he frequently took target practice at an informal gun range.

Additionally, another civilian is known to be wounded at this time, bringing the casualty count to 14. Four Dallas Police officers and one DART (transit) officer were killed, while another seven were wounded.

An immensely graphic video shot from a rooftop adjacent to the scene shows the shooter in action, employing what looks to be trained military tactics, shooting a police officer from behind after shooting a wall to distract is his attention.

Please note the graphic and disturbing nature of the footage should you choose to watch.

We’ll continue to update this story as more details emerge. A stream of Dallas PD’s press conferences can be found in the link below.