Just Dan Bilzerian And Mel Gibson Hanging Out, Getting Stem Cell Infusions in Panama As Boys Do

by 10 months ago

When groups of guys hang out, usually it’s watchin’ sports and eating burgers, crackin’ open a couple cold ones with the boys. But what about when you’re fabulously wealthy like Dan Bilzerian and former movie star Mel Gibson? Rather than sittin’ in the man cave with a bag Doritos playing Xbox, you jump on your Gulfstream to Panama for stem cell infusions, as (very, very rich) boys do:

Getting stem cell infusions in Panama. Mel’s 99 year old father was being pushed into the stem cell clinic by a nurse in a wheelchair and a month later he put the nurse in the wheelchair and pushed her around. It can cure autism, knee/shoulder/spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, and the list goes on. Sucks that these puss bags in the US are taking forever to approve it…

A couple of weeks ago I listened to the episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dan Bilzerian. They talked quite a while about the magic of stem cell infusion, which Dan says helped him rebound in lightning fast time from multiple injuries. It’s also known for helping to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Kind of a weird “hanging out” activity, but hey — nothing like some stem cell injections before a couple ones with the boys.


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