Some Guy Created A Dating Profile Using Google Auto-Complete And It’s Probably Better Than Mine

dating profile google auto-complete


Coming up with the perfect dating profile is, let’s be honest, it’s a pain in the ass. First off, do you be completely honest or do you fudge a little bit? How much of the truth should you really disclose?

Well, this guy, we’ll call him Twitter user TechnicallyRon, because that’s what he calls himself, came up with a plan that not only saves him time and effort it also comes up with one of the most unique dating profiles you’ll ever see.

Hell, it says he likes turtles, dogs and parties. Who doesn’t?

He’s looking for a woman with two thumbs which keeps his options VERY open.

Not sure about the ideal woman being someone who is addicted to alcohol, but if he gets all his matches there she will also be able to fix his car so that’s a bonus. As for someone who thinks the world is flat, hell, we’ve already got someone perfect for him.

All in all this isn’t so bad.

Be honest, we’ve all seen worse, right?

H/T Mandatory; Photo: d8nn /

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