Dave Chappelle Returned To The Hartford Crowd That Booed Him And Made A Hilarious Comeback


For those of you who don’t remember the incident in Hartford, Connecticut with Dave Chappelle last year:

…Chappelle told Chicago that he had been bothered on Thursday by “young, white alcoholics,” who nearly drove him to pull a “reverse Kramer” and start yelling “cracker”…but you can tell Hartford did bother him: “That shit was like being at a fucking tiger show the night Sigfried and Roy got their throats bit out,” he says, claiming the crowd probably felt satisfied that they got to see the allegedly unstable comic “freak out.”

Via BroBible

Well Chappelle returned to Hartford this year at the Oddball Comedy Festival, and instead of getting the verbal shit beat out of him by the crowd he managed to turn it around in his favor. Right off the bat he talked about last year’s show and how that particular audience was “retarded.” I wasn’t at last year’s show, so the intelligence level of the crowd isn’t something I can comment on with any sort of validity…but let’s just say it looks like this year went much, much better.

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