Sh*tty Day? Suck It Up & Remember How 69 Years Ago Today, American Heroes Stormed a Beach in France

There are about 156,000 Badasses of The Day for today, June 6 (“D-Day”), because on this day in 1944, Allied forces assaulted the heavily defended coast of Normandy during Operation Neptune. Of those, 6 were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Today's -highlighted- Badass of the Day is US Army Brigadier Gen. Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt III, 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division (“The Big Red One”) because on this day in 1944, at age 56, after being denied twice, Roosevelt was finally allowed to lead his men from the front, and was not only the oldest man in the entire invasion, he was the only general on D-Day to wade ashore with the first wave of troops, being one of the first off his landing craft at Utah Beach, action for which he was posthumously awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor.

It should be noted that Roosevelt was the only man to serve with his son on D-Day at Normandy. Captain Quentin Roosevelt II was among the first wave of soldiers to land at Omaha beach.

His Citation reads:
For gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty on 6 June 1944, in France.

After 2 verbal requests to accompany the leading assault elements in the Normandy invasion had been denied, Brig. Gen. Roosevelt's written request for this mission was approved and he landed with the first wave of the forces assaulting the enemy-held beaches.

He repeatedly led groups from the beach, over the seawall and established them inland. His valor, courage, and presence in the very front of the attack and his complete unconcern at being under heavy fire inspired the troops to heights of enthusiasm and self-sacrifice. Although the enemy had the beach under constant direct fire, Brig. Gen. Roosevelt moved from one locality to another, rallying men around him, directed and personally led them against the enemy.

Under his seasoned, precise, calm, and unfaltering leadership, assault troops reduced beach strong points and rapidly moved inland with minimum casualties. He thus contributed substantially to the successful establishment of the beachhead in France.


No complaints out there today.

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