Watch a ‘Dead’ Deer Jump Out of a Car’s Trunk, ‘Tommy Boy’-Style

Richard: “I dunno, the vet?”
Tommy: “You take dead animals to the vet?”
Richard: “Why not? I’d take you to the vet.”
Tommy: “Yeah I’ll take you to the… Um…”
Richard: “Got that?”
Tommy: “Shut up.”

A Kalamazoo man struck a deer with his car, put the deer in his trunk, and was later surprised to find that Bambi wasn’t quite dead. The big revelation came after Public Safety Officers stopped the driver to check and see if the animal was properly tagged—after they opened the trunk, the disoriented deer sprinted into the woods. Police believe it was just stunned.

And thus ends your daily reminder that you need to rewatch “Tommy Boy.”

[H/T: ClipNation]