ATTENTION STONERS: Mad Genius Created Deep-Dish Pizza Filled With McDonald’s Cheeseburgers And It Is Epic

Tym Bussanich is like the Dr. Frankenstein of shitty food. He integrates unbelievable and unholy combinations of food and makes pure greatness.

In this tremendously intriguing amalgamation, he took your standard-issue McDonald’s cheeseburgers and baked them inside a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Try to keep your mouth boners contained.

“I went to Papa Murphy’s and bought their Chicago stuffed crust pizza, but told them to put all the toppings on the side,” Bussanich said. “Then I went to McDonald’s and bought seven regular cheeseburgers.”

He then layered the bottom of the pizza with the burgers and covered them in another pizza. Tym topped the pie with pepperoni, meatballs, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and green peppers.

He baked the concotion in the oven for 35 minutes at 350 degrees, and voila!

Tym speaks my language.

I expect to see at least nine people try to make this at home over the weekend with disastrous results.