Some Foodie Genius Just Created A Deep-Fried Burger Out Of A Cadbury Egg

Here I ignorantly presumed a grease-soaked burg with a fried egg, maybe some special house secret sauce, and a bucket of o-rings was as grand and devilishly decadent as we were going to get on the culinary front for a while. Well, K West Hotel & Spa in Sheperds Bush, London just blew the fucking roof with their gooey melted creme egg encased in golden batter (for the deep fry) and topped with rich ‘n fluffy mascarpone cream and strawberry jelly. Uh, where was that for one of my lazy hungover Sunday afternoons?

The UK is ahead of the game though man. Apparently they’ve seen a whole lotta’ creme egg creations pop up lately–creme egg nut butter, a creme egg pizza, and a whole cafe solely dedicated to creme eggs. I mean, that last one’s a bit over the top, but I’m down to fuck with it.