Woman Maces An Entire Burrito Joint Because She Felt They Messed Up Her Order



Look, I get it. Getting pissed at underpaid and under appreciated service workers for notĀ making and delivering your obscenely cheap food exactly as you’d like it and as quick as you want it is an American pastime.

Fuck those less well to do people trying to make a living for the occasional mistakes they make. I am perfect and they are not and I asked for my damn dressing on the side, so I will not tip.

It is well within your right as a terrible person to be that terrible.

But there’s got to be a line somewhere, and I think I found it.

If a Del Taco in California screws up your order and you are upset, you are not allowed to mace the entire restaurant. From NBC Los Angeles:

A woman pepper sprayed a Del Taco restaurant manager and other customers over a dispute about a burrito, witnesses and employees at the Ontario restaurant said.

Witnesses say the woman was cursing and acting aggressively when she complained to staff about her order. She then allegedly picked up a bowl filled with business cards and threw it at workers before heading to the parking lot.

The manager said she followed the woman outside to jot down her license plate. That’s when witnesses say the woman began pepper spraying the manager.

The woman then chased the manager inside the restaurant and sprayed others, including customers.

No arrests have been made as of yet, and police are still searching for the suspect.

That said, she certainly taught those Del Taco employees a lesson. The lesson? Fuck that lady.

[H/T Vice]

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