Deleting This App From Your Phone Will Reportedly Increase Your Battery Life By Up To 20%

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Facebook app is a giant battery sucker. Notifications on notifications popping up 24/7 will definitely kill your battery faster than you can say “unlike,” but even with notifications turned off Facebook still kills your battery. Whether that’s because you’re more likely to spend 2 hours scrolling through while on the train to work or because something more sinister is afoot, I can’t say…but according to Metro, deleting the app will increase your phone’s battery life by up to 20%:

If you delete one app [Facebook] from your Android phone, you could see your battery life jump by up to 20% – and your phone boosted up to ramming speed…

The trick was first noticed by Android Central writer Russell Holly – but has since been tested by various Redditors and tech writers.

Many report that battery life goes up by 20% just from removing the app, and there are lots of anecdotal reports of boosted speeds, too.

The good news is that Facebook Messenger isn’t quite so bad – so if you DO decide to ditch the main app, you can run Messenger, and just stay logged in to Facebook on Chrome.

Why you would keep Messenger even though you’ve deleted Facebook is beyond me – if I want to talk to you, you have my phone number. If you have to resort to hitting me up on Messenger because you don’t have my number then the chances that I actually want to talk to you are slim. So go ahead and delete both – your phone can’t be any the worse for it, can it?

[H/T Metro]